Techies are here!

Även vi techheads ville ha något snyggt i sommar så här fick vi och dom är dessutom organiska och certifierade!

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What is Art?

what is Art? well we believe anything could be art, we believe this is art!
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Kolla in vår senaste kollektion!

Stickman är din hjälte, din vän och den som hjälper dig att tänka utanför boxen.

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When you need something warmer, it's here! 


When it's a little too hot, you'll find the right garment here! 

  • Design

    We are constantly adding new designs so there will always be something for you :)

  • Our vision

    To make everyone's day a little happier and less grey!

  • Constant improvement

    Always trying to improve everything is hard! we do this constantly, every day, all year round! cheaper shipping, better design, new design. but to be the best we need help, give us feedback! :)