Welcome to the Coolplaze Challenge! Follow these simple rules to participate

  1. Posts on Social Media:
    Create a TikTok or Instagram post featuring yourself wearing your favorite Coolplaze apparel, whether it's a t-shirt, hoodie or sweatshirt. The post can be however you like and you do not need to mention Coolplaze in any shape unless you want to.

  2. Reach the Likes Milestones:

    • T-Shirt Prize: Get 300 likes on your post to win a free Coolplaze t-shirt.
    • Hoodie Prize: Reach 500 likes to win a nice hoodie.
    • Get 5000 likes and win a Suprisebox.

  3. Share Your Success: If you reach the likes milestone, make sure to let us know by sending a direct message to @Coolplaze (instagram) with a screenshot and link of your post.

  4. Once post is confirmed by us, we will create a voucher for the item you choose based on what you have achieved!

The Challenge is valid from 1st September to 30th September!
Good Luck!